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Minnesota National Guard
Frequently Asked Questions

Personnel Records
Q: I would like my great grandfathers military records. Can you send me a copy?
A: All records requests should folow these procedures: http://www.MinnesotaNationalGuard.org/contact/records

Commercial Discounts
Q: My business offers a military discount. Can you send it out?
A: Yes, post your discount on your website and send us the link.

Q: I am a servicemember. Where can I get a discount or other benefits?
A: http://www.MinnesotaNationalGuard.org/soldiers_and_airmen/overview.php

Q: I want to contact/have been contacted by the media. Who should know?
A: Please cotact mn.ng.web@mail.mil. We want to make the most of this opportunity and help you avoid common mistakes. The senior MNNG staff also want visibility of any media engagement.