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Minnesota National Guard

Fully integrate environmental program into the Minnesota National Guard’s operations and training as a way of life by:

- Continually improving environmental stewardship
- Achieving and exceeding the requirements for environmental compliance
- Focusing on pollution prevention
- Fostering community support through environmental awareness

The Minnesota Army National Guard’s environmental office operates cooperatively with numerous state, federal, and non-profit organizations to support the Guard’s mission. These partnerships have greatly expanded the capabilities of the office by serving as team members and an extension of the staff. In doing, the partners contribute a wealth of knowledge and technical support to the environmental program that would otherwise not be available. 

Read more about our environmental conservation and compliance programs.


The Steward Newsletter, OCT 2017.pdf

The Steward Newsletter, JUN 2017.pdf

The Steward Newsletter, FEB 2017.pdf

The Steward Newsletter, AUG 2016.pdf

The Steward Newsletter, MAR 2016.pdf

Code of Federal Regulations

EPA Region 5

Fish & Wildlife

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

Minnesota Statutes

National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence

U.S. Army Environmental Center

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of the Interior