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Minnesota National Guard
Chaplain Careers

About Us The Minnesota Army National Guard is accepting applications from priests, ministers, imams, rabbis, and divinity students to serve as Chaplains. Qualified Chaplain Candidates receive exceptional education opportunities, pay, compensation, benefits, and retirement opportunities.

If you are a priest, minister, imam, or rabbi, you may be eligible for appointment as an officer in the Army National Guard Chaplain Corps - OR - if you are pursuing a divinity degree, you may be eligible for entrance into the Army National Guard Chaplain Candidate program.

As a military spiritual leader, you'll play a vital role in the lives of the men and women in the Minnesota Army National Guard. Chaplains also minister to the needs of the soldier's families - wives, husbands, and children. As an Army Chaplain, you will have the opportunity to participate in specialized workshops and receive educational training to enhance your skills.

About Us Army National Guard training is normally 2 days a month and an additional 15 days a year (annual field training). Our flexible training program allows you to schedule training to minimize interference with your practice.

If you are interested in serving your country, using all of your talents, stretching your abilities to the fullest, and knowing that you play an important role in the lives of so many people, the Army National Guard Chaplain Program could be for you.

If criteria are met, an application packet is assembled by the Officer Specialty Branch, Minnesota Army National Guard Recruiting Command. That packet is forwarded through military channels to the "branch specific approval authority" for review and consideration. This review process takes approximately 3-6 months from date of application.

To get more information on becoming a Chaplain in the Minnesota Army National please contact Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Buddy Winn at philip.a.winn.mil@mail.mil or 651-282-4291 to find out more.

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