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Minnesota National Guard
Maneuver Area Training & Equipment Site

The Maneuver Area Training & Equipment Site (MATES) office is a tenant activity at Camp Ripley managed by the State Maintenance Office. They provide units training at Camp Ripley with necessary equipment. Units can use MATES pool equipment rather than shipping their own equipment to the installation. A list of available equipment is included in this section.

Customer Support Manual.pdf

Request Procedure

Requests should arrive at MATES at least 90 days prior to the scheduled training. Non-contributing units other than ARNG units are charged a usage fee based on the type of equipment used. Units are also charged for repair parts required during their use of the equipment.

Equipment is requested using FORSCOM Form 156-R.xfdl or pdf and 156-1-R.pdf (Continuation Sheet).

Contact Information

MATES Superintendent: Philip.p.moran.mil@mail.mil
MATES Foreman: Steven.c.serie.mil@mail.mil or Anthony.j.brixius.mil@mail.mil
Inspection Supervisor : James.e.hines34.mil@mail.mil
BII Supervisor: Kyle.d.klosowski.mil@mail.mil
Tool & Parts Supervisor: Elizabeth.r.sauer.mil@mail.mil
Phone: (320) 616-3041/3046

DSN: 871-3041/3046
Fax: (320) 632-7045
15000 Highway 115
Building 17-1
Camp Ripley, Little Falls, MN 56345-4173

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