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Minnesota National Guard
Camp Ripley can provide housing for 8,295 Soldiers during moderate weather months and 3,370 Soldiers during cold weather months.

During cold weather, units are billeted in two-story cement buildings, commonly referred to as "T-Buildings" (due to the building shape). T-buildings can house between 140 and 184 Soldiers. All T-buildings have an orderly room, secured supply bay, dining room, kitchen and pantry. The post is laid out in battalion blocks. In each battalion area there are also headquarters, supply, maintenance, and aid station buildings. Areas of the post also incorporate single- room BOQ/BEQs.

Additional Lodging

In addition to troop-issue buildings, there are also maid service quarters available for approximately 330 individuals. Room styles vary per area. They range from individual rooms with shared bath to 2-6 bedrooms houses. Official room rates range from $22.00-$27.00 per night. Non-official rates range from $27.00-$32.00 per night.
Maid Service Quarters Front Desk
Contact Information

Housing Manager: susan.m.ploof.mil@mail.mil
Billeting Manager: heather.r.berens.mil@mail.mil
Housing Distro: ng.mn.mnarng.list.crc-housing@mail.mil

Phone:(320) 616-3140
: (320) 632-7787

15000 Highway 115
Little Falls, MN 56345-4173