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Minnesota National Guard
Camp Ripley Facilities
Many new facilities will open to customer use during 2012, including the State Emergency Management Training Center and the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Conference Center. Major construction in 2012 includes the Unmanned Aerial Systems facility, Multi-purpose Machine Gun range, and a Field Maintenance Shop at Arden Hills Army Training Site.

With the near completion of the State Emergency Management Training Center and final implementation of the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility the capabilities for large-scale military and federal, state, local civilian agency emergency management and brigade-level exercises will increase.

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Ray S. Miller Army Airfield
Arden Hills Training Facility


This 98,684-square foot facility houses the Post Headquarters, as well as the Facilities Management Office, the Director of Logistics, and seven National Guard units. It has a 204-seat theatre with state of the art IT/VTC capabililties, five conference rooms, 2 with VTC capabilites, and five classrooms to accommodate up to 200 students.

Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Cheney
Telephone (320) 616-2709
FAX (320) 632-7702
DSN Prefix 871-XXXX
Postal address
15000 Highway 115, Little Falls, MN 56345-4173

Army & Air Force Exchange Service

Camp Ripley Billeting

DeParcq Woods Campground

Camp Ripley Chapel

Camp Ripley Clubs
Combined Maintenance Activity North (CMA-N)

Dining Facility

Contract Dining Facility
DNR Enforcement Center

DNRCamp Ripley houses the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Enforcement Center. DNR Conservation Officers train year-round in Camp Ripley's diverse habitat. Go to the DNR Enforcement site. The DNR also offers many benefits to Service members and their families.
Education Center

Camp Ripley Education Center
Medical Facility

Medical Unit Treatment Facility

Minnesota Military Museum

Petroleum, Oils & Lubricants facilities
State Patrol Training Academy

Camp Ripley has been the host for the Minnesota State Patrol Academy since 1996.  The front gates have welcomed many women and men as recruits and ushered them out as members of Minnesota's finest--the Minnesota State Patrol. Further information about the Minnesota State Patrol Academy may also be obtained through www.dps.state.mn.us/patrol or www.mspta.com.
State Patrol Training Academy
Training Support Center and TADSS

Training Support Center