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Minnesota National Guard
Personnel & Community Activities
Camp Ripley Citizens Committee

From time to time in each community, occasions arise when the local commander has need of assistance from other than military sources in his dealings with the public.  Two-way communication is vitally important between the local community and the National Guard.  The function of the Camp Ripley Citizens Committee is to serve as a liaison agency between the National Guard and the civilian community and to render such assistance as it can to support the National Guard program where needed.   Appointments are for a period of three years, with short meetings held four times a year. We seek patriotic citizens who are well known and involved in their community to serve on this committee.  As a member, you have the opportunity to become more familiar with the operation and function of Camp Ripley and serve to influence your community's awareness and interface with the National Guard. Interested individuals may contact us at any time during the year.

Community Hospitality Links

Attractions in the Local and Surrounding Area Little Falls Area - Little falls is just five miles to the south of Camp Ripley.  Little Falls is known as the community with the small town atmosphere with the big city attractions.

Little Falls Visitor's Bureau- http://www.littlefallsmn.com

Brainerd Lakes Area -
The Brainerd Lakes area is less than 30 miles to the northwest of Camp Ripley.  Brainerd and its surrounding communities provide not only a wide variety of shopping and dinning choices, but offer a number of other both seasonal and year-round amenities to their guests.

Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce- http://www.explorebrainerdlakes.com
MWR (Morale Welfare Recreational) Activities on Camp Ripley

Outdoor Activities - Camp Ripley has several outdoor recreational facilities. Equipment is available from the Supply and Services Division in Building 2-207.  Some of the many activities we have are:  Cross country Skiing, Softball/Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Biking, Horseshoes, Volleyball, Running Track, Fishing, Boating, Canoes, Badminton, Archery, Picnic Areas and Swimming. MWR Equipment Brochure Indoor Activities - Camp Ripley also has several indoor recreational facilities. The Recreation and Training Center (Bldg 6-97) and the Training and Community Center (Bldg 11-1) both have facilities that can be used by organizations. Some of the many things available include:  Two Indoor Basketball Courts, Two Indoor Volleyball Courts, Badminton, Free Weights, Weight Machines, Exercise Machines and Sauna.

Alternative Center -These facilities offer a number of different "alternatives" to going off post. Bldg 10-83 is directly across from the chapel and it offer TV/Video viewing, free laundry facilities, game room, and is situated directly across from the snack-bar.

Post Exchange (PX) System - The Army and Air Force Exchange System (AAFES) operates a retail store on post.  The PX sells health and beauty aids, snack items, clothing, electronics, jewelry, sporting goods, and other personal comfort items.  It also features a barber shop and Military Clothing Sales Store.  It is open six days a week. Hours vary with the troop density on post, however, generally run from 1000 to 1700.
Community Projects Requests

Requests for military personnel and equipment for community celebrations may be submitted in writing to Camp Ripley, ATTN: JFMN-CRC-CA, or contact us as indicated below. Interested individuals may contact us at any time during the year.
Printing Services

Copy machine support is available for military units in training. A copy machine is located in Building 6-76 (the Education Center) and in Building 7-1. Units must provide their own paper. For support of large printing projects, please contact Mrs. Lee Anderson at 320-616-2717 or e-mail at lee.j.anderson.nfg@mail.mil. Limited printing and laminating are also available through the Personnel and Community Activities Office.

The Personnel & Community Activities Office (located in Bldg 11-1) also holds a small library of military publications. Also check out U.S. Army Publishing Agency Home Page.
Scheduling Tours

Tours of Camp Ripley are available for groups of 20 or more.  Requests for tours may be submitted in writing to Camp Ripley, ATTN:  JFMN-CRC-P, or contact us as indicated below. Interested individuals may contact us at any time during the year.
Support to Units

The PCA provides support to military units in training in the areas of public affairs, VIP coordination, and first-look tours.  Support requests may be submitted in writing to Camp Ripley, ATTN:  JFMN-CRC-P, or contact us as indicated below. Interested individuals may contact us at any time during the year.

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