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Minnesota National Guard
Camp Ripley Post Commander
A message from the Post Commander Colonel Scott St. Sauver

Camp Ripley is one of the largest National Guard Training Sites located within the United States.  Without a doubt, it has the most modern training facilities in the reserve components and is a major training asset to the entire military community.  First, to support military and civilian training by providing its customers with the highest quality training atmosphere and resources available. Second, to work in partnership with the local communities, to foster cooperation and facilitate economic growth.     

Every member of the Camp Ripley team takes each of these missions very seriously and works extremely hard to provide outstanding customer support to all of our military and civilian customers.

Col. Scott St. Sauver
Camp Ripley Post Commander

We are committed to total quality and will continue to seek additional ways to  cooperate with all governmental agencies to provide opportunities for cost-effective delivery of services to those agencies and the taxpayers.

My staff and I are dedicated to providing you and your unit or organization a quality training environment.  We are here to facilitate your training; you are our customer.  If you have problems or ideas for improved operations, please let us know.  We’ll do everything we can to meet your requirements.

Our primary concern is your safety.  It is our desire that you return home better trained and in better physical condition than when you left.  Please help us by thinking "force protection," and applying risk management principles to everything you do here (both on-duty and off-duty). If you choose our facilities for your training period, we hope you enjoy your stay at Camp Ripley.