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Minnesota National Guard
Camp Ripley Clubs
The Camp Ripley Viking Club hours of operation can vary based on troop density, but for the most part will be open from 1800 to 0030 Monday-Saturday during the months of June, July and August and Friday and Saturday nights during the high density winter training periods. The Viking Club offers Direct TV for your viewing pleasure, pool tables, foosball, dart boards and various video arcade-type games. For food, we offer Pizza Corner pizza (cook your own).

The Camp Ripley Viking Club also has available Portable Bars to support your function at these other locations: TACC (Bldg 11-1), Recreation and Training Center (Bldg 6-97), Camp Ripley Town Hall (Bldg 15-77).
Officers Club

(320) 632-7046 (Answering Machine - Please Leave a Message) or e-mail your request to Club Reservations to coordinate specific events at campripleyvikingclub@gmail.com