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Minnesota National Guard
Alternative Center
The Alternative Center (Bldg 10-86), (320) 632-7279, provides an alcohol-free environment for Soldiers to relax.  The center features satellite television, VCR's, movies, video games, and a small library. 

The POC is the Camp Ripley Logistics Officer at DSN 871-2705 or commercial (320) 616-2705.

Laundry - Located on the first floor of the Alternative Center, the post laundry offers free washer and dryer service to Soldiers.  The laundry contains twenty-seven commercial washers and dryers for use.

(320) 616-2699 (Automated Operator)
(320) 632-7702
DSN Prefix
Postal address
15000 Highway 115, Little Falls, MN 56345-4173

Club Point of Contact: campripleyvikingclubs@yahoo.com
Logistics Officer: Marie Festler
Personnel & Community Activities: Kristina Vonberge