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Minnesota National Guard
Ray S. Miller Army Airfield

The airfield is open daily from 07:00 to 16:00 (local time) and other times by PPR. CFR can be arranged through either the 934th AW (AF Reserve) or the 133rd AW (MN ANG). JP8 is the fuel available for servicing.

Camp Ripley Training Center Aviation Procedures Guide.pdf
Air Drop
Drop/Landing Zones

The Drop Zones can be used for either cargo or personnel. The Landing Zone can accommodate up to C-130 aircraft. Each DZ has more than one usable azimuth for approaches.

Kalahar Landing Zone
Arno Drop Zone
Ripley Drop Zone
Eva Drop Zone
MAAF in Winter
PPR Requests

Prior Permission Requests (PPR) s can be sent by email, or phone. Be sure to have the following information in the text of the message:
  1. Aircraft Call Sign and Type
  2. Date and Time of expected arrival - please specify Zulu or Local times
  3. Fuel requirements (if any)
  4. Any mission remarks (VIPs, duration of stay, special ramp space requirements or equipment, etc.)
  5. Point of Contact phone number
After you have sent this e-mail, do not assume you have a PPR with us. Your PPR Number (if a PPR is granted) will be sent to you by return email or by phone - which ever mode you prefer.   Civilian Aircraft must have insurance information on file at Miller Operations before a PPR will be granted.  We can only refuel military aircraft, and we only have JP-8.  If you need more than 1000 gal. of JP8, be sure to mention it in the PPR request.  If you require hangar support, we need to know.  We have very limited unheated hangar space, but we can sometimes accommodate customer needs. If you need a tie-down parking space, you need to bring your own ropes / chains for that purpose.  More than one aircraft can be included on one PPR, depending on arrival times.  Formation flights should use one PPR.

Miller Army Airfield
DSN 871-2779