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Minnesota National Guard
B-roll Video
The Digital Video & Imagery Distribution System (DVIDS)

If the video clips below do not meet your needs, DVIDS is a state-of-the-art, 24/7 operation that provides a timely, accurate and reliable connection between the media around the world and the military serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. Through a network of portable Ku-band satellite transmitters located in-theater and a distribution hub in Atlanta, Georgia, DVIDS makes available real-time broadcast-quality video, still images and print products as well as immediate interview opportunities with service members, commanders and subject matter experts. Please contact our DVIDS media representative with any questions.

DVIDS . . .
  • Facilitates remote interviews with commanders and subject matter experts engaged in fast-breaking news.

  • Links media to deployed military units.

  • Enables embedded journalists to transmit broadcast quality video from the field.

  • Fulfills requests for products quickly via satellite, fiber and the Internet.

  • Submits daily bulletins detailing archive additions and email alerts about breaking news.

  • Coordinates holiday greetings, "shout-outs" and special events programming involving Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed to Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

  • Maintains a searchable archive of video, photo and print products.
Broadcast Quality B-roll Video

These files are full broadcast quality video B-roll and VOSOT packages ready for your needs. They are compatable with all current non-linear editing system. Simply download the video clip and drop it into your timeline. If your system can not view the video you will need to update your version of QuickTime. Right-click and select "Save Link As..." to download. All video is public domain.
Couldn't Find It?

The Minnesota National Guard maintains a library with thousands of hours of video.
Please contact us if you have a specific request.

Minnesota National Guard Public Affairs