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Minnesota National Guard
The Minnesota National Guard Mentorship Program

The Minnesota National Guard mentorship program provides mentor support for NCOs who wish to further and enhance their careers and gain insight from experienced senior NCOs. The program is open to both the Army and Air National Guard.

Program information sheet

Receive encouragement and support in defining and reaching your goals.

Build self-awareness, self-confidence and adaptability.

Gain insight on the skillsets needed to be competitive in the workplace.

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Contact your Mentor Coordinator:

Joint Force Headquarters
34th Infantry Division
1st Armored Brigade Combat Team
34th Combat Aviation Brigade
84th Troop Command
347th Regional Support Group
Camp Ripley
175th Regional Training Institute
Recruiting and Retention Battalion

Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback

Mind Tools

American Management Association

TED Talks

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Mentorship program now available to all Minnesota National Guard NCOs