347th Regional Support Group

Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 347th Regional Support Group, annual training at Camp Ripley Training Center on Aug. 18, 2017.

Unit Information

The 347th Regional Support Group (RSG) is an Army National Guard brigade headquartered in Brooklyn Park that is capable of providing trained and ready combat forces. Additionally, the 347th RSG is prepared to support the State of Minnesota with troops capable of assisting in a disaster.

The mission of the 347th Regional Support Group is to deploy to provide life support and command and control of base operations. Responsibilities include leading the reception, staging, onward movement and integration of supporting forces, managing facilities, and providing administrative, medical and logistical support for troop services on a base camp. The brigade provides support for units during homeland security, homeland defense and other civil support missions.

The 347th Regional Support Company is made up of the 347th RSG Headquarters, 147th Human Resource Company, 114th Transportation Company, 204th Area Support Medical Company, 224th (Med) Transportation Company, 1903rd and 1904th Acquisition Team, and the 147th/247th Finance Management Support Detachment.

2018 Objectives

In 2018 the 347th RSG will focus on deploying several units under its command, including members of its headquarters.

The 347th Regional Support Group will deploy a portion of its headquarters to Kuwait to provide command and control and force protection to U.S. personnel and base camps.

Teams from the 147th Human Resources Company will deploy to Afghanistan and to Kuwait to provide personnel support. The 147th Finance Detachment will deploy to Kuwait in 2018 in support of Operation Spartan Shield to provide financial management support.

The RSG will gain the 434th Component Repair Company, which will be headquartered at Camp Ripley. The 434th CRC will provide field maintenance on ground support and electronic equipment as well as sustainment maintenance on equipment in support of the supply system.

2017 Accomplishments

The 1903rd Acquisition Team deployed to Kuwait in January for a nine-month deployment in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel. The five-person specialized team provided contracting support to the 408th Contracting Support Brigade which supervises, administers and supports contingency contracting operations in theater.

In August the 347th RSG conducted simultaneous, collective training at Camp Ripley, Minnesota and Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, with all of the unit's assigned companies. The three-week Combat Support Training Exercise provided Soldiers with a complex training scenario that required staff sections and headquarters elements to support and coordinate among units on the ground executing their missions.

The exercise included 24-hour operations in a contested environment. The 347th Headquarters element and the 147th Human Resources Company supported 900 Soldiers from 17 units - Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard - from nine states, working as they would in a tactical environment.

Simultaneously, the 147th and 247th Financial Management Support Detachments set up at Fort McCoy to conduct their concurrent exercise, Diamond Saber. The units exercised dispersing operations, military pay and contracting functions.

The 204th Area Support Medical Company participated in Operation Global Medic, demonstrating their ability to provide medical life-support services in a tactical and austere environment.

Both the 114th and 224th Transportation Companies provided convoy escort support for participating units during the Combat Support Training Exercise.

Much of 2017 was spent validating units and their readiness through collective training, as well as ensuring individual Soldiers were trained and prepared to deploy as well. With several units from the RSG scheduled to deploy in 2018, the unit used annual training as a means of validation, decreasing time Soldiers will have to spend at mobilization station prior to deployment.